Lash Foam Vs Primer

Lash Foam Vs Primer.

There is so much confusion out there in our lash world!

  • Do we foam lashes, do we prime lashes?
  • Which do you do first?
  • Do you do both?
  • Arrrg so confusing you say!
  • Lets address when we should or shouldn't use them and what their place is in our world.

Lets first talk about Lash foam.

Lash Foam is a must do at the start of every treatment. This is primarily used for us to remove all debris, Body oils etc ensuring the lashes are squeaky clean ready for us to work on. Always rinse really well after applying Lash foam with either fresh water, distilled water or saline. Generally I find that if your tap water is good enough to drink you can rinse the clients lashes with it.

Lash Foam is NOT a makeup remover, so if your client turns up wearing a heap of makeup use your makeup remover first (Exotique's Makeup remover is friendly to our glues) then apply the foam and using a disposable lipwand get right in there and give the lashes especially at the base line a really good clean. Then rinse well with water. Do a double rinse if need be! make sure all the Lash Foam is gone. Pat dry with a tissue & start to lash. The slight moisture that the lashes will have will actually help your retention. As we now know our glues cure with moisture so they love this moist environment.

Do I foam Wash at the end of the application?

No you do not need to foam wash at the end of the treatment, only a really good water rinse. You MUST wait 5 mins after the application before doing this as the glue can polymerise if done too soon.

"So when do I use Primer" you say?

In years gone by we always used primer before ever applying our lashes. Well now we understand so much more about our glues and understand they cure with moisture it actually can effect our retention to use primer on the natural lashes at the beginning of the treatment.

Why is this so? Well Primer (all brands) have alcohol in them. Alcohol is drying, removing all moisture from the actual natural lash. This can sometimes even make the glue not want to grab.(Exotiques Green Tea Prep has a lower alchol content)

The times we really need to use a primer is mid lashing if or when we need to remove a lash with our remover. You can not apply directly to an area that has had remover on it so you need to use your primer in this instance. If you feel the lashes are now too dry after using the Primer then just use some water dampened micro brushes to just gently wipe over the area after the primer has been used to allow the glue to want to grab to the natural Lashes. Obviously you cannot use lash foam during the lash application process so we need to follow the priming procedure.

If you ever do a full Lash Removal you must always Lash foam & rinse really well after this procedure to ensure all remover has been removed.

If you have any questions re any of this info please feel free to contact us and we can help you further x

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