Eye Lash Extensions Frankston

Best Eye Lash Extensions Frankston

Exotique Lashes is a 2019 NALA Award Nominee and a leading eyelash extensions salon in Frankston. All extensions are provided by fully trained and experienced lash artists with years of experience.
We’ve built a reputation for providing the best lash extensions in Frankston and are committed to providing exceptional service and care to each of our clients. Our lash technicians are highly experienced and committed to this art. Over the years, we’ve integrated more than 20,000 sets of eyelash extensions ranging from classic lashes to 7D Russian volume extensions.
With our in-depth experience and knowledge, we know what works, what doesn’t and how to deliver stellar results. That’s why we also provide eyelash supplies and training to groom budding lash extension artists into industry leaders.

Eyelash Extensions Course Frankston

Are you thinking about a career as a professional lash technician? You will need professional training. At Exotique Lashes, we are committed to delivering professional, hands-on eyelash extensions courses in Leongatha, Langwarrin and Frankston.
Through our course, we take you through all the essentials of applying lashes. This isn’t a quick one-day course that will rush you through the skills you’ve never tried your hands at before. Our 3-day intensive course will immerse you in every aspect of eyelash extensions.
Although eyelash extensions made their way into Melbourne a decade ago, many centres are still offering 1-day training course. These are a waste of your time. If you are looking to set your feet into the world of eyelash extensions with confidence, you need hands-on training.
During this course, you will learn about eye shapes, creating different lash designs, using the different lash tools and accessories and more. Once you’ve learned the basics, we will show you how to increase your speed, mistakes to avoid, how to price your service, the tools you will need and how to grow your business.
At the end of your eyelash extensions course in Frankston, Langwarrin or Leongatha, if we find that you’re ready to provide lash extensions as a professional, we will offer a certificate. If not, we will provide further training at no extra cost.

Eyelash Growth Enhancer Frankston

If you are looking for stronger, darker, lengthier lashes, the eyelash growth enhancer from Exotique Lashes Frankston is the real deal. This is a 100% natural product that will nourish and strengthen your lashes. With regular use, the shedding cycle of your lashes will slow down, resulting in stronger, longer and thicker lashes.
The Exotique eyelash growth enhancer is very easy to apply, completely safe and highly effective. You can use it on your eyebrows too. Our clients across Frankston have achieved stellar results with the eyelash growth enhancer.
This eyelash growth enhancer is hypo-allergenic and is perfectly suited for sensitive eyes and skin. This natural product is free of phthalates, parabens, sulphates, colourants and fragrance.
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