Professional Eye Lash Extensions Langwarrin

Professional Eye Lash Extensions Langwarrin

With eyelash extensions from Exotique Lashes Langwarrin, you can get longer, thicker and natural-looking eyelashes that will give your eyes the dramatic definition you’ve always dreamed of. Our semi-permanent lash extensions can transform sparse or short lashes into fuller, bolder and beautiful eyelashes.

Our trained and certified lash extension specialists in Langwarrin create spectacular and long-lasting lashes that will bring an instant glow to your face. With many years of experience in lash extensions, we are Melbourne’s premier destination for eyelash extensions.

Eye Lash Extensions Training Courses & Classes Langwarrin

Our founder and training manager Heather Footitt is an experienced lash artist and a certified trainer. Over the years, we have provided eyelash extensions training to hundreds of people from Langwarrin. We assure you of practical, hands-on training using ethical, sustainable products whilst providing ongoing training and support.

We offer three eyelash extensions classes in Langwarrin – Classic, Volume and refresher. At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate if you’re ready to begin your journey as a lash technician. If not, we will offer more training at no extra cost. We will provide training until we’re sure you are ready for the job.

Eyelash Equipment Kit Langwarrin

Your search for high-quality eyelash equipment kit in Langwarrin ends at Exotique. Whether you are looking for Classic lash extension kit or Russian Volume lash extension kit, we supply a range of starter kits and practice tools to suit your requirements.

We pride ourselves on supplying eco-friendly, cruelty-free and on-trend eyelash equipment kits in Langwarrin. Each kit features professional-grade lashes, tools and accessories so you can provide the finest quality service to your clients.

Eyelash Growth Enhancer Langwarrin

Exotique Eyelash Growth Enhancer can enhance your eyelashes within four weeks. It consists of volume-builders and hair pigmentation agents that will stimulate growth and even enhance fine or damaged hairs.

Our eyelash growth enhancer is 100% natural. It will nourish and strengthen your natural lashes in no time. With regular use, you can expect the serum to slow down the lash shedding cycle, which will result in longer, darker, thicker and stronger eyelashes.

Ready to buy the best eyelash growth enhancer in Langwarrin? Shop online now.

Eyelash Glue for Extensions Langwarrin

A good quality eyelash glue for extensions will give you the confidence that your lash extension job will deliver lasting results. If you’re searching for the best eyelash glue for extensions in Langwarrin, buy Exotique glue extensions.

Available in two options – Advanced and Intermediate, our eyelash extension glues offer a solid bond and lasting results. The Exotique Intermediate lash extension glue is ideal for lash technicians with at least six months of experience. For those with at least two years of experience, the Exotique Advanced is a great option.