0.12 Faux Silk Mixed lash trays. Small Sizes & larger Size lash Trays. B, C & D Curls


0.12 Lash Trays! These lash trays are the perfect Lashes for applying to fine natural lashes to ensure safe applications. They also look beautiful used as a blend through 0.15s. Available in Bs, Cs & Ds. Each Tray has 16 Rows!

The B Curl 0.12 Lash trays are your go to for Male Lashes.

Also awesome to create the tiffany look by using them 3/4s of the way across the eye and then finishing with either a C or D Curl on the outer edge. We Love blending our curls at the Exotique Lashes Salon. 

The C Curl 0.12 Lash Trays are a beautiful medium curl, wonderful right across the eye or as mentioned above. Really great for hooded eyes too. 

The D Curl 0.12 Lash Trays are much more dramatic and will really lift the look and open the eyes. 

You can buy your 0.12 Mixed Lash Trays in either B Curl Lash Trays, C Curl Lash Trays or D Curl Lash Trays.  We Have included all the most popular sizes in the 2 options available.

The Small Lash Trays are sizes 7mm - 10mm. 
(2 rows of 7s,4 rows of 8s, 5 rows of 9s & 5 rows of 10s.)

The Large Lash Trays are sizes 11mm - 14mm.
(4 rows of 11s, 5 rows of 12s, 3 rows of 13s & 3 rows of 14s.)

0.12 Lash Trays are the perfect gentle Lash to create beautiful damage free lash sets.


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