0.15 Faux Silk C Curl 16 row Lash Trays Mixed Blue or Purple 10mm - 13mm


On Sale & now discontinued Coloured lash Trays. Limited Numbers Available. Were $29.70 Now $12 .00 per tray

These Premium Faux Silk Lashes in a C Curl are a stunning Colour which you can use to create exciting new looks using the colour Blue or Purple. Just put a splash of colour through or blocks of colour. Let your mind run free with the possibilities. 

Each Lash tray has 16 Rows with 4 rows of 10mm, 11mm, 12mm & 13mm. They are in the 0.15 diameter so they are soft and lovely to wear. Grab a Lash tray of colour and let your imagination run wild.

New Coloured Lash Trays are now available in our Mixed trays Collection. More lengths in each tray and Green, Blue & Purple are available. 7 - 14mm lengths in 16 row trays. 


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