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Exotique Classic Class Live Interactive Virtual Online Class, Australia wide Sunday the 6th, 13th, (sat)19th and 27th of June 2021.


 Booking Now! Live Interactive Virtual Online Classic Lash Classes!

Exotique Classic Live Interactive Online Classic Classes are back!

Learn in the comfort of your own space!

Our Exotique Classic Classes are very in depth and detailed. You will learn so much and be very well informed. By Booking this class you will be joining on completion the 100s and 100s of very Successful Exotique Trained Students earning excellent income and having a great understanding of what is a growing industry. These Classes will book out quickly and will have a maximum of 8 students in this class.

Becoming a Lash Artist/Technician is an amazing skill to learn as you can work part time, Full time, in a Salon or from Home. 

NOTE To become a lash artist you do need to be able to see well. If you can thread a very fine needle with the naked eye or with your prescription glasses you will be fine. 

Interest free terms are also available, please contact us directly for details. 

Day 1/ Morning - You will learn all you need to know about Lash extensions, how to apply damage free sets, History, Diameters and Curls available, Anatomy, Mapping and Styling the eye. Understanding different eye shapes and how to enhance your clients eyes. Hygiene, Room set up, and so much more!

Lunch Break

Day1/ Afternoon -

Treatment Bed & Trolley set up. Explanation of Tweezers, Glue Dipping and attachment Method. How to set up your Lash tile. 

Developing Tweezer Control, Dipping into glue and how much to use, How to apply lashes to your practice sponge then applying to strip lashes using a mannequin Head. 

One Week Break

Day 2/ Morning - Sterilising tools and Hygiene, lash Removals, Client consultation.

Lunch Break

Day 2/  Afternoon - Mapping and styling the eyes.

Prepping for application, Lash Application and optimal lid taping (safely)

Pad removal, Fanning, Rinsing & sitting the client up.

All students will Book a time to do a Live Model with Heather 1 on 1 via Instagram Video Chat. This is really effective as I am right there with you all the way! If you are in ISO it must be a family member or fellow ISO that is living with you. Yes you can do lashes on a male. They can be removed after application. 

Once your model has been completed we do like you to complete many models. 6-10 ideally. This will depend on your lockdown situation we do understand.

Day 3/ Morning Revision of models done and group discussion learn about the results of mapping and how to improve. approx 45-60mins.

Day 4/ Applying Refills and how to perform this. 

Business development. You will learn all about how to charge to be profitable, all the legalities around running your own business. Also the advantages of working from a Salon and how that can be structured. Social Media and taking great Photos and how to enhance them. Once this session is completed you will feel confident and have a good understanding of the industry. 

This is an amazing course, full of information and hands on practice during class and one on one with your Trainer. You will feel confident on completion once you have completed all practice. 

A Certificate will be Issued once you achieve an appropriate level. (We want you to be able to meet client expectations)



The Tuition is $1250 for this class. By paying your deposit you have booked your position in this class and will have a balance of $1050 to Pay.

Kits are sold separately and you can view the styles available in our shop area.

Interest Free Terms are available too. 


As an Exotique Trained student you will be entitled for future product discounts, and a lifetime of ongoing support. We love to look after all our current and Past students! 

So Come join the Exotique Family! We look forward to getting you started on your lash Journey.


or make 4 interest-free payments of $50.00 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay More info

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