Exotique Flex Lash Glue 5-6sec drying time, 5gm


Exotique Flex Lash Glue No5 is ideal for those Eyelash Technicians that need a little more time for placement of the lash extension as it is slower drying. It Drys in approximately 5-6 seconds. Room Temp best at 22deg Celsius. Humidity range is between 35- 80% but best between 40% to 70%. This is a very strong glue that is long lasting for maximum hold. Also excellent for those learning to do eyelash extensions. This Glue has very little fumes. 5gm This Glue is TGA listed.

PS. In warmer weather this is fantastic to use for volume as it dries in just a nice amount of time, much quicker than labelled when the humidity is high. 

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