Glue Remover - Gel


Gel Glue Remover is the best product for removing just one lash. Much easier to target one lash with Gel as its more pliable. For full set removals this can be done with the Gel but do be careful to avoid the product running into the clients eyes. For full set removals we prefer to use our Cream Remover.

This Glue remover of the gel variety is for professional use only.

The Exotique Eyelash Glue is a long-lasting adhesive that can hold lashes for weeks and is impervious to soap, water and sweat. Pulling them off is not a good idea. The natural eyelashes may also come off, which can permanently damage the hair follicles.

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However, should your clients feel the need to remove their lash extensions, you will need the Exotique Eyelash Glue Remover. You can provide this service in situations when the client wants to remove the lashes.

The Exotique Eyelash Glue Remover is a high quality product that’s safe and completely hygienic. It’s easy to use and delivers results within minutes. The Exotique Eyelash Glue Remover will dissolve the adhesive safely and quickly. This is an easy and hygienic way to remove lash extensions without damaging the natural eyelashes.

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