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In Person Classic Lash Beginner Class, commencing on Sunday the 31st of January 2021 - Beaconsfield Victoria


At last we can now offer Live in Person Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Classes at our Beaconsfield location.

BONUS  - For those booking this class in Beaconsfield we will also provide FREE access to our online Beginner Class portal! You will have access for 60 days & can watch & rewatch the video lessons. A HUGE $1150 of value at no extra cost! 

This Class will have a Max of 5 students to be Covid Safe. This class is very in-depth and you do not need any beauty experience to join this class. However you do need to be able to see well. PLEASE try threading a very fine needle with thread. If you can do this you will be able to Lash. 

This class will be held over 3 Sundays the 31st Jan, 7th Feb and the 21st of February 2021.

Day One - Will cover theory and all you need to know about Lashing.

Developing correct techniques, Glue dipping, tweezer control and applying to a Manni head. Lash Removal, Homework to be completed.

Day Two - Applying to your Live model, One in the morning, One in the afternoon. These models will be provided by you. Very close supervision and guidance will be provided. Homework of 6 -10 Models to be completed over the next 2 weeks prior to the next class with feed back from your trainer on each one so you can improve as you go.

Day Three - Performing refills on one of your previous models from week two. This is how we retain clients by performing this well.

The afternoon we cover business development. This will cover all your legalities, social media, advertising, costings and what to charge and so much more. You need to know and understand all these things so you can be successful in how to earn an income. We explain all about working for someone and how to set up your own business too. 

When all homework and all tasks are completed to a satisfactory level a Certificate will be issued.  

This Class costs $1250 for the tuition and then you can purchase the kit you desire from our Selection of Kits. We do recommend the Professional Kit as the best option if you are serious about becoming a lash Artist. This is available in two different styles. Buy paying your $200 to book this class your position will be held. We will then contact you to confirm how you would like to pay the balance of the the training class and Kit. 

We do offer Interest free terms through an Independent Finance company which we can provide all paperwork for you for this option.

If you have any questions regarding this class please contact us either via email by the contact us form or give us a call 0448 881 016.

We will look forward to getting you started on your Lash Journey. 



or make 4 interest-free payments of $50.00 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay More info

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