Glue - Clear for Eyelash Extensions Clarity No7, 5gm - 5 Pack Bulk buy


Back in stock!!!

Clarity Clear Glue No7  - 5 Pack is a great way to buy and Save!

This brings each bottle down to $40ea buying this way.

The future of Lash Glues is Clear!

Exotique's Clarity Lash Extension Glue No 7, is a product for the accomplished Lash Artist/Technician.

This is an amazing Clear Glue for everyday lashing and also for coloured lashes. No Black bases!

It maybe also great if a client previously has had a reaction to Carbon Black. Using a Clear Glue can eliminate this. This Clarity No7 Clear Glue is Certified as medical Grade so you know you are providing the best for your clients. 

It will dry in 1-2 seconds in the right conditions. So your room needs to be ideally a minimum of 22deg Celsius and humidity between the range of 30-70% but ideally between 45-60%. This will give you the very best performance! We believe this is one of the best Clear glues on the lashing Market. Happy Lashing! 

All bottles now come with a spare nozzle and Shaking Cap!

Clarity No7 Clear Eyelash Extension Glue is always fresh and will last up to 4 months from the date of purchase. This time will vary once opened. Please keep in the bag provided for optimal shelf life. Change your nozzle when required with caution. 

This Glue is for Professional use only

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