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What a difference a set of Lashes can make! One eye done and one to go but this is the perfect example of what can be achieved.

We achieved this look by using only Exotique Products



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at Exotique

All lash sets are customized for your eyes. At your appointment we will assess your eye shape and also your natural lashes as to what they can hold to create a beautiful damage free set of lashes for you. We look forward to seeing you in our Leongatha Salon so we can pamper you!

Every Set Of Lashes We Do Is Produced Using Only Exotique Products

Blog Posts

How do our Natural Lashes Grow?

How do our Natural Lashes Grow?

So many different elements can effect our Natural Lashes.  Firstly lets talk about how they grow. Did you know that we all shed between 1-5 Lashes every single day of our lives? Our Lashes are so f...

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Eye Shapes - What is best for styling different shapes?
assess eye shapes

Eye Shapes - What is best for styling different shapes?

As Lash Artists we need to assess our clients eye shapes and apply the right curls to be able to create a beautiful look for them. Using the wrong curl on some eyes can actually make the client loo...

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Have you ever wondered what Lash Extensions made of?
Lash Extension fibres

Have you ever wondered what Lash Extensions made of?

This is something we have all wondered about at times. Well let's delve into it.  All Eyelash Extensions are made of a PBT fibre (Polybutylene terephthalate) This is a synthetic fibre. For example ...

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