The Best Lash Extension Courses Australia Wide

Exotique Lashes Eyelash Extension Training

When you’re looking for the best start to your career as a lash artist, you need the best lash extension courses in Australia. At Exotique Lashes, we’ve included everything you need to master the skills of applying lash extensions in no time. We offer lash extension courses for beginners and beauty professionals to help you learn how to apply Exotique lash extensions.

We now provide Russian Volume training, Classic lash extension training In a Virtual Live Interactive way. So if you live in Australia your home or salon is your class room. Making it convenient and still providing in-depth education. 

We do not offer 1 Day crash courses, these generally lead to poor application and inadequate skill levels.

Train yourself or your staff so you can begin to offer this hugely popular service at your salon.

The Classic Lash Extension Course

This course includes a number of sessions of training that’s spread over a period of roughly 4 weeks. It involves lots of hands-on experience to help build your confidence and to answer all your questions as we progress through the course..

Upon completing this course, you will know how to do complete sets of eyelash extensions, refills and insider secrets, turning you into a qualified eyelash technician. You will get homework every week, which will further develop your skills and boost your confidence.
You will also learn some essential marketing skills so you know how to promote yourself and how to generate leads and bookings for your business.

Russian Volume Lash Course

This course is for the experienced lash technician who has mastered the Classic Lash extension skills. Russian Volume Lashing is an excellent skill to have so you can offer your clients a premium option.
This is a far softer and much kinder technique (when applied correctly) compared to Traditional or Classic Lashes, so you will have customers queuing up for your precious skills in no time. As part of this intensive course, you will learn how to apply multiple lashes to each natural lash hand making 2D,3D,4D & 5D fans to be able to provide your clients with a really beautiful look, being as subtle or glamorous even dramatic if they wish!

Refresher Course

The Exotique Refresher Course is available upon request. This is a customised course that will cater to your individual skill level and requirements. We will take the time to identify your concerns and needs and put together a course that will give you the confidence to perform lash treatments with confidence.

Why Learn Lash Extensions Course at Exotique Lashes?

Exotique Lashes is one of the finest lash training academies in Australia. We are also a reputed lash studio in Melbourne. Having performed thousands of lash extension treatments of all kinds, we are at the forefront of the latest in lash extension skills.

All our classes are small by design, which ensures each students gets one-to-one time with the trainer. Our techniques are precise and concise. Each student will complete the course feeling confident and prepared for a career as an eyelash artist.

Enquire About Your Lash Extension Training Course

Need more information about our lash extension training courses? Interested in joining one of our courses? Fill in our contact form or call 0448 881 016 now to speak to one of our friendly team members, who will be happy to assist you.

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Heather Footitt Exotique Lashes Trainer

Product and Training Manager Heather Footitt   -  0411 103 334 


Graduate Student Testimonials

Rebecca of Caroline Springs 

I decided I wanted to become an eye lash technician about 4 years ago.

After various Training Courses and online Tutorials and a lot of money spent I was really struggling with my technique and none of the trainers I had used seemed to care or follow up with me after the course.

I found Exotique Lashes on my Instagram Feed and straight away I knew they were going to be great. The Trainer (Heather) not only has a wealth of Knowledge and experience but she actually cares about the success of her students. Heather is professional in everything she does and is organised which I loved!!! The Training was well structured and I didn't get my certificate on a piece of Photocopied paper like some others!!! It's a beautiful and Professional Certificate which I will be proud to put in a frame! Heather is very personable and I received on going support since Training there in February 2019. 

I'm looking forward to returning to complete training on Volume Lashes very soon. I highly recommend Exotique Lashes. I wish I had Known about them years ago!


Shannon of Mt Eliza

I began training to be an Eyelash Technician with Exotique Lashes at the beginning of June 2015. I'm currently working from home whilst I complete my beauty diploma. I am now earning a great income whilst I study, applying lash extensions. I have Heather of Exotique Lashes and Beauty to thank for this. 
The Professional course that I completed is totally worth the money! I'm still being coached from afar and always provided with advice on work I have recently done. Heather is one of the most understanding and patient teachers/mentors I have ever come across and is there for support 24/7. Very worth while.

Thank you Heather


Jen of Caroline Springs

Doing the Exotique Lashes Classic course was exactly the training that I was looking for. Heather is such a Knowledgeable and insightful instructor with so many years of experience under her belt. She is very particular about using the correct application technique and has instilled this into me. This was my 1st experience in learning about eyelash extensions and she was able to help me develop myself as a confident eyelash technician. The sessions were very engaging and very hands on. I was provided with a training manual and also purchased the professional Kit, which has served me well and will last a long time. The kit contains quality products which I will continue to purchase and use for my work. I was looking into many other eyelash extension courses before choosing this one. Most of them were only one day courses, which would not have been enough time to learn all the skills and knowledge required to confidently start my own business. Upon completion of my course Heather has remained in contact with me and regularly views my work that I do to provide support where needed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking into becoming an eyelash extension Technician. Thank you Heather 


Shai of Frankston

I have had the pleasure of completing my Classic lash and Russian volume eyelash extension courses with Exotique lashes and beauty. The training was fantastic, organised and professional!

The intimate classes of 2-3 students was great to get the amount of help and guidance you required. The quality of Exotique products that I use every day are absolutely perfect! I have never had a problem with any of it! The Advanced Glue would have to be my number one favourite product as it is extremely quick drying in 1-2 seconds. It creates work time to decrease and I’m comfortable knowing that it is medical grade glue and internationally certified.

All the products I use are high quality and my clients are always complimenting on how comfortable the lashes are to wear and how the glue does not give off any to very little fumes.

I am extremely happy to have completed 2 courses with Exotique lashes and beauty and I am sure to recommend the courses to any future eyelash extension technicians.  


Hannah of Griffith NSW 

Just wanted to say another big Thank You to Heather! I would highly recommend Exotique Lashes. Amazing Product and Fantastic Training. 


Tracy of Hastings 

When I began to research Lash Extension training, I realised so many companies just wanted to push as many students through fast training so the can make a quick buck. There was no QUALITY stylists being produced from these big oversized classes. I chose to train with Exotique Lashes training because I didnt want to be an average lash stylist, I wanted to be a GREAT Lash Stylist! The training itself has a maximum of 4 in the class. There is no Class of 10+ students fighting for the teachers attention.
One of the big factors when choosing where I was going to train was the ongoing support. This is really important. The ongoing group support the Exotique Lashes & Beauty offers is just not available elsewhere. 
You could go to an average one day Lash workshop to spend less money, then go out there and play with strong adhesives close to peoples eyes....scary! At Exotique Lashes and Beauty, you have to have completed a certain amount of hours experience with a portfolio of work before you are qualified. I know which stylist I would prefer to be treated by - one with more QUALITY training hours under their belt! 
The focus in lash Health is on point. Exotique Lashes work by holding the client's health paramount to anything else.
I would highly encourage anyone who wants to deliver premium lash services to train with Exotique Lashes and beauty.