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About our Founder Heather

Heather's Mission

Heather is an Internationally recognised Lash Master (Lash Artist & Trainer) who specialises in:

- Helping women enhance their self esteem and natural beauty through the application of Eyelash Extensions specifically tailored to suit their face and eye shape.

- Equipping aspiring Lash Artists to achieve their potential through the provision of Internationally recognised Lash Extension Training, supported by a range of world class Lash Products.


Heather's Lash Passion

Heather started Exotique Lashes to empower women to gain financial independence and achieve a career as a Professional Lash Artist and in the process is contributing to improving the standard of work being provided in the Eyelash Extension industry.

Heather is known for her amazing artistic Lash Styling and for making Lash Training pleasant and fun whilst still equipping students to achieve outstanding results as Professional Lash Artists. Heather is the first to admit that YES she is anal about Perfection! Her attention to detail is, who she is. If it isn’t good enough, whether that be lash products or lash application, well it just won’t cut it, which is why she is constantly working with other Lash Artists and students to ensure the Lash Industry attains and maintains the highest standards of Lash application and Client Care!


Heather's Recognition in the Lash Industry

In 2020 Heather Placed 3rd Nationally as "Educator Of The Year" by the The Lash Open. The Lash Open is Australia's Version of Industry awards for all Australian Lash Artists. 

In 2019 Heather was nominated by NALA for “International Lash Trainer of the year” In recognition of her achievements in improving the standard of lash application through training and upskilling Lash Artists.

-NALA is an international, non-governmental organization based in Edmonton Canada that advocates for professionals in the lash industry and offers support to the lash industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as offering Academy Accreditation, Lash Educator Programs, NALA Memberships and International Industry Awards

In 2017 Heather’s “Captain Hook” entry placed 5th Globally, in the Master Lash Empress Disney Themed International Fantasy Lash competition.


Continued Training to stay at the forefront of the Lash Industry

Heather started her Eyelash Extension journey with Certification as a Lash Artist in 2008. Since then she has continually challenged herself to grow and develop her skills through participation in National Lash Conferences (Lash Bash, Lash Vison, Lash Gala etc) and Lash Master Classes with Global Lash Leaders and is now an Internationally recognised Lash Master.

Heather has successfully graduated from many lash industry courses including:

- Volume Master Class – Advanced Eyelash Extensions Personally, conducted by Internationally renowned Lash Coach Petr Lhotsky (Diamond Lashes) & Master Trainer Agnieszka Kwiatkowska (Starlash Academy)

- Advanced Volume Training - Personally, conducted by Internationally renowned Lash Artist & Trainer Loreta Jasilionyte (Director of Flawless Lashes Ltd)

- Certificate IV in Training & Assessment - Chisholm Institute Victoria.

Heather has graced the main stage of the Melbourne Beauty & Hair Expo on several occasions as an invited Lash expert, speaking on trends & developments in the Eyelash Extension Industry with a strong focus on sustainable care of client’s lashes.


Personal Interests

In her spare time, Heather loves walks in the beautiful Gippsland country side with her husband and her German Shepherd Zeva (who at 14 years of age is a much loved senior citizen). She’s also constantly planning her next sneaky get away with her husband to a tropical island – often Bali.

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