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Article: Eye Shapes - What is best for styling different shapes?

Eye Shapes - What is best for styling different shapes?
assess eye shapes

Eye Shapes - What is best for styling different shapes?

As Lash Artists' we have the creative license to make a client look amazing or really sad. As a client we have every faith that our lash artist will know what will compliment our eye shape. 

We are all born with different shaped eyes. If we are lucky and have an almond shaped eye you can really wear any style and look amazing. 

If you have a top lid that has a down turned outer edge this is another story. You will need a lifted effect on the outer edge to lift and open your eyes. If as a lash artist we use a B or a C curl in this area you could end up with an outer droop making you look really tired and sad. Never add length right to the outer edge on this shaped eye as this can look very droopy.

Also what needs to be considered is the curl the natural lashes have. If a client naturally has very straight downward growing lashes as an artist we need to be using LCs or LDs to get an awesome effect. As an artist you will actually find that the attachment is soooo much easier while achieving the best result. We now stock LCs and LDs in 0.05s, 0.07s and 0.15s so you can create all the styles with these. I love them!

Take note of the flat base in the Lash trays of LCs and LDs


Something you may not have considered when mapping a clients eyes is "are their eyes the same shape as each other?" Sometimes one eye is different to the other and it is actually fine to use a different curl on each which will then even their eyes up.

Take this set for example.

You can see that one eye opens naturally more than the other. The Lash Artist here has applied D Curls and the same mapping on both eyes. This has exaggerated her open eye even more. What should have been done was C curls applied to the more open eye and D Curls on the more closed eye which would have balanced her out. Sometimes it can be confusing what to try but if we study the clients eyes we can assess and see what we can do. If we don't get it 100% right the first time we can suggest at refills that we can change it up and try a different look. Clients need to know that what we do on the first application that they are not necessarily stuck with this look. We have sooo many different curls to select from and we can always try a different look.

So in a nut shell as a client do you research to find a Lash Artist that will spend the time to assess your eyes to achieve the best outcome. Check out their instagram page to see if everyone is wearing the same look.

As a lash Artist build up your supplies with different curls and diameters to be able to be creative and not just apply the same look on everyone. 

Happy lashing everyone,

Love Heather x

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