Have you ever wondered what Lash Extensions made of?

This is something we have all wondered about at times. Well let's delve into it. 

All Eyelash Extensions are made of a PBT fibre (Polybutylene terephthalate) This is a synthetic fibre. For example your tooth brush is made of the same fibre. In the early days when we started in Eyelash Extensions we had silk & mink Lashes available to us too. These fibres are frowned upon in the industry now and thankfully the mink animals are no longer getting shaved tails so we can have lashes.

Eyelash Extension Fibres are so much more refined than your tooth brush though thankfully. Imagine having eyelashes as course as your tooth brush on your eyes....not good. In saying that there are many different qualities of Lash Extensions out there. The very best fibres available is the Korean PBT. This is the most sought after for premium quality. So how are they made?

Lash Extensions are made using the diameter required (yes there are many different diameters available) They are cut to length in rows all close together, then they are applied to a rod to create the desired curl. B, C, D, L, M etc. then these are placed in an Oven especially designed for lashes and baked. This sets the curl to our desired shape. Once this process is complete they are then cut into strips and placed in trays ready for Lash Artists to use. 

Don't think all extension fibres are of the same quality, sadly there are many bulk producers of lashes and they may not be made of the Korean PBT fibre. Have you ever worn lashes and noticed that they felt spikey? This could be that your lash Artist is using an inferior product. At Exotique Lashes we pride ourselves on having amazing suppliers that provide us with the best quality. We are told regularly how our lashes feel soft and lovely to wear. We actually supply our products to Lash Artist's all around Australia and we encourage you to ask for our Brand of lashes.

What causes Lashes to Lose their Curl?

Eyelash Extensions can lose their curl when exposed to high heats. As you read above the lashes are baked to create the curl and if they are exposed to enough similar heat, Ovens, Bonfires or the like, the curl will soften and lose its original shape. 

Can Lash Extensions Melt?

Yes lash Extensions can melt. Remember above we said that the lashes are made of PBT a synthetic fibre? Like any other synthetic as in clothes etc there is the possibility of the lashes melting or losing their curl if exposed to flames such as a cigarette lighter. We have seen this in salon from clients that smoke or who have been to BBQs or Bonfires and stood too close. Chefs are another group of people where we sometimes see lashes either lose their curl or the lashes can have melted tips. If this happens we need to remove the set and start again. We all love wearing extensions and there is very little danger in wearing extensions but just be aware that yes they can melt and burn when exposed to very high heat or to flame. 

Where can I buy Exotique Lash Products?

Just jump across to our shop area and you can browse our broad range. We stock lashes suitable for Classic, Hybrid, The Wet Look and Volume. So all you need if you are wanting to provide the best results for your clients.

Enjoy your lashes everyone, Love Heather x

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