"Don't get them wet" the Trainer said!!! Fact or Fiction?

Hi Lash Loves, Just thought we would do a quick blog to try to dispel the myths behind keeping lashes dry for 24 - 48hrs from the time of application.

Yes, I was taught this too all those years ago! "Don't get them wet" my trainer stressed! Tell your clients "DON'T get them wet". This was what we lived by wasn't it! We all totally believed that this was true & correct & we didn't waiver from it. 

So now in 2019 we are all so much better educated. We all know & understand our glues. So lets explain the Nitty Gritty of it all.

Firstly we need to understand Cyancryoacolate. This is the main ingredient of all Lash Glue no matter what brand good or bad. This is a whole topic on its own so for today lets stick with the wet issue!

In times gone by we believed the glue would be damaged or our retention would be poor if we got our lashes wet. Well it has now been proven that Cyancryoacolate actually cures with moisture! Yes you read correctly getting them wet actually helps and there are health benefits for the client too! By washing the clients lashes at the end of the treatment (you must wait 5mins after the last lash was applied) you are actually helping prevent your client building up a resistance to the glues/adhesives. We now understand that while we are working away whether its for 30mins or 3 hours on a client the vapours from our glues/Adhesives are resting on the skin. If the client doesn't get them wet for the first 48hrs their immune system is in overdrive trying to cope with the foreign vapours that are resting on their skin. If left there time after time suddenly the immune system may say ENOUGH!!! That's when a reaction occurs. Once the immune system does this it remembers & that client can never have lashes again. If they do have them applied again the reaction maybe much worse than the last. So Wash those Lashes and all around the eye area, just with water on completion. A foam wash at the beginning with a good water rinse & then just plain water at the end. Preferably don't mix your own foam wash as this can make you liable if something goes wrong. buy a good brand that is tested & designed for that exclusive purpose. Help to look after your clients health by doing this. Hope this helps to dispel the myths. Happy Lashing!

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