The Wet Look Lash Set- What is it?

The Wet Look style of Lash Set is one of our most sought after styles in Salon at the moment. It can have many different styling options too. Pictured is a cat eye or Tiffany flick. But we can also create a Natural eye look with even styling or a more exaggerated textured style.

The Beauty of the "Wet Look" is that we use very fine diameter lash extensions to create this look. Usually 0.05 or 0.03s. These are a super fine lash so when used in this Wet Look styling cause very little to no stress on the natural lashes when applied using our correct formulas for extending lashes.

A Lash Artist will apply a little bunch of these fine lashes to create the wet look. This style of application will give just a bit more fullness than Classic Lashes but not as full as Hybrid. It can be a little cheaper or similar to a Hybrid application in price so value is definitely there for the look we can create. Clients find this style very light and fluffy to wear.

As a lash Artist it is wonderful to offer different styles for your clients. Along with different styles of lash sets you can create comes a great variance in pricing so you should be able to suit all budgets when offering a number of different styles.

So lets embrace creating new looks for our clients. Create your own signature style that you love. Your clients will feel your passion.

Happy Lashing everyone!

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