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Article: Should Eyelash Extensions sting or be uncomfortable?

Should Eyelash Extensions sting or be uncomfortable?

Should Eyelash Extensions sting or be uncomfortable?

Way too many new clients when they come to our Exotique Lashes Salon for the first time tell us that they have experienced stinging or discomfort when they have had lash extensions elsewhere in the past.

Once we have our client sit up after a set is applied this response is really common.....

"I am shocked that I can't feel my extensions and they don't hurt when I blink and there is no stinging!!!" 

Stinging is not normal! 

Stinging from a set of Lashes is totally not normal! This is caused by your Lash Artist, usually someone that has not had many years experience and has done no upskilling. Becoming a good Eyelash Artist doesn't just happen, it takes time and experience to develop our skill. Also it's really great if your Lash Artist has done multiple Courses. Things change and it's super important that we stay current in the industry and offer only the best work to achieve an amazing outcome and also a wonderful experience for our clients.

So the causes of stinging are/or can be from

  • Tape used on the eyelids incorrectly
  • Lash Pads or tape not positioned correctly
  • Cheap inferior glues
  • Bad application
  • The extension glue touching your skin
  • Keeping the set dry for 24-48 hours

These things listed are all totally avoidable! Let's cover each one.

Tape used on the eyelids incorrectly 

During an appointment we will sometimes use tape to make your natural lashes rise a little so we can attach extensions. There are clever little techniques we can use to do this without opening your eye. If the eye is open at all glue vapours can be drawn to the eye and cause stinging or a chemical burn. If a chemical burn happens this can be very painful for a good 2-3 days before it clears. This can easily be avoided with someone skilled applying your lash set.

Lash Pads or tape not positioned correctly

When having Eyelash Extensions applied we will use Lash Pads or Tape on your lower lash line so that while we are working the top lashes wont stick to the bottom lashes. This is necessary for every application, however they do need to be applied well to avoid a graze on the scleral (white of the eye) If you can feel any irritation during the application of your appointment it is important for you to tell your Lash Artist/Technician that you are feeling discomfort as there should not be any. A good lash artist will usually ask you at certain intervals if your eyes are still feeling comfortable.  Best to speak up to avoid this issue.

Cheap inferior glues

In this industry there are many different glues available for us as Lash Artists to use. At Exotique the quality of our glue is of major importance to us. Our Glue is Made In South Korea and is Internationally Certified as Medical Grade. Only the best for our clients! Sadly there are a lot of cheap and nasty glue's out there and often these are bought as a cost cutting measure and not keeping the health of the eyes in mind. We also recommend a water rinse on completion of a set of lashes helping to cure the glue and also rinsing off any vapours that may be resting on the skin from during the treatment. If this procedure is not followed there is a very high chance that a resistance to lash Glues may occur. Resulting in an allergic reaction. Once an allergic reaction occurs sadly you may never be able to wear extensions again as our immune system has a memory. Every lash glue has the same base ingredient no matter the quality. So if you react to one Lash Glue you will have a 98% chance of reacting every time which is very dangerous for our eyes. Future Eyelash Extension applications are not recommended in this scenario.

Bad application

Bad application is a big one. I totally understand as a member of the public that you would expect we are all trained the same. Sadly this is not the case. The Eyelash Extension Industry is unregulated so it means anyone can apply a set of lashes. I have even heard of girls learning off Youtube and then opening a business. Research is what is required here! Look at reviews, stalk who you are thinking of going to to see on their socials to see if their work looks good. Are there bloodshot eyes in their pictures? This is a tell tail sign of poor application.

The extension glue touching your skin

 If the extensions are touching your skin this is also a big No! This is one of the reasons a set could hurt when you blink. The Extension and the Glue should never touch the skin this is one of the biggest reasons lash sets are uncomfortable and a step towards having a reaction! This is why a highly skilled Lash Artist should be applying your Eyelash Extensions to ensure there is always a clearance of 0.05mm- 1mm clearance between the skin and the base of the lashes. This is best practice. If you sit up on completion and you can actually feel you are wearing extensions you know that your set is applied incorrectly. You should never feel your set. When applied correctly they should feel completely weightless.

Keeping the set dry for 24-48 hours

Keeping lash sets dry for 24-48 hours is so old school! If your Lash Artist tells you to keep your lash set dry for 24-48 hours this is a big red light for me! Yes this is what I was taught 16 years ago too but the industry as a whole changed about 8 years ago! This is not healthy for the clients eye health. It is sooooooo important to do a really good water rinse all through the lash line and around the eye area on completion of a set. Clients find it pampering and refreshing too! This is optimal practice for lovely Lash sets and healthy eyes. It minimises the chance of you having reactions in a big way too. (Doesn't rule it out totally) So always opt for a Lash Artist that does a water rinse on completion and is current in the industry.


 Eyelash Extensions are a wonderful treatment that helps to make us feel confident and great about our appearance. A great set of extensions can truly change our look in a really positive way. In a nut shell I recommend, research who you go to and expect to pay for quality.  Remember if its cheap the quality and skill more than likely is too. 

Products we recommend for healthy Damage free sets ( all available via our website)

  • Pro Lash Glue No2
  • Non Slip Pads
  • Green Sensitive Tape
  • Water rinsing bottle

Yours in Lashing - Heather Footitt  -  Master Lash Artist and Educator 

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