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Volume Starter Kit

Sale price$295.00

This Volume starter Kit has everything you need to begin your Volume Journey. $350+ dollars of Value. Discounted as a kit to $295.


Why buy as a kit?

  • Value for money - Save approx $55
  • Select the Curls & Diameter you would like
  • You can create beautiful sets with lovely quality products
  • Our Glue provides awesome retention
  • 0.05s you can safely use 6-7 lashes in a fan
  • 0.07s you can use 3-4 lashes in a fan safely

You can your select your Kit to be all C Curls Or all D Curls. 

The Kit Contains,

6 x Trays - 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12mm Lash Trays (Select from 0.05s or 0.07s for your kit), 1 x Lash Foam, 1 x Rectangular Hand Mirror, 2 x tweezer (My Favorites), 1 x Glue, 1 Pk lip wands, 1 x Mascara wands, 1 x tape, 2 x Pk of 10 Non Slip Lash Pads, 1 x Lash Tile. 

Volume Starter Kit
Volume Starter Kit Sale price$295.00