Faux Silk Lash Extension Trays & (Single Lengths)

In this Collection you will find many different lengths & curls of lashes. All Trays in this collection are single length. Also many different diameters to be able to create beautiful Classic, Hybrid or Volume lashes. 

Good quality lashes are your secret weapons when you want to keep your clients happy. After all, happy customers become loyal customers and even spread the good word about your business.

Postage is just $9.95AUD all over Australia. Receive FREE postage when you spend $200 or more. 

 International Orders are all $19.95AUD

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Exotique offers a wide range of high quality lash extension trays to suit every style, size and requirement. Our quality lashes boast true black colour, look extremely natural, are lighter and offer much better retention compared to any other product in the market.

Whether you are looking for faux silk lash extension trays or heat bonded premade fans, we have you covered.

Natural Looking, Extremely Soft Lash Extension Trays

These lashes feature a deep taper, which makes the body of the lash softer, finer and lighter than any other lash. A low sheen finish creates a stylish look that will ensure your clients return to you for all their future lash extension requirements.

These lash extension trays are sold at wholesale prices and offer complete value for your investment. You can expect great ROI while ensuring your clients leave happy.

16 Rows of Lashes Per Tray

All our lashes are packed in trays that contain length indicator strips on each row, which makes organisation easy, quick and efficient. The best part is that Exotique lash extension trays feature 16 rows and more than 4000 lashes per tray, compared to only 12 rows per tray offered by most other companies in the market.

Customise the Extension to Suit their Requirements

We offer lash extensions in an array of widths, lengths and curls from B through to L+.

With the Exotique lash extension trays, it’s possible to customise the lashes to suit the taste of your customers whether they want something sexy and sensational or simple and elegant. Our lash extensions are easy to apply and even easier to care for. Available in a wide range of widths, these lashes can be matched to the strength and thickness of your customers’ lashes for the best results.

Classic or Volume – Your Choice

Classic lashing is the technique of placing a single eyelash at a time to each natural eyelash. This calls for a trained lash technician with experience and attention to detail. The heavier/thicker a lash, the lower the retention. So it’s important to choose a lash that would perfectly suit a customer’s natural eyelashes.

Volume lashing, on the other hand, is the process of creating a fan of lashes comprised of multiple eyelash extensions of thinner widths and applying them to individual natural eyelash.

No matter which technique the client prefers, we offer the right product to meet all kinds of requirements.

Quality Promise

Exotique lashes come with our assurance of quality so you can offer this service with confidence. A good lash extension is one that offers maximum retention, looks absolutely natural, blends perfectly with the natural lashes and is lightweight.

Exotique lash trays boast all of these features and more. In fact, our lash trays are priced competitively to assure you of the best returns for your business and great value for your customers.

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