Professional Eye Lash Extensions and Training Leongatha

Professional Eye Lash Extensions and Training Leongatha

At Exotique Lashes, we are committed to supplying sustainable, ethical, safe and affordable lash extensions to lash artists across Leongatha. With a fervent passion to provide the latest and the best eyelash extension training, Exotique offers unmatched products, training and support.
Whether you are looking to make a career as a lash technician or already running a lash salon, we offer the complete range of eye lash extensions and accessories to suit your requirements. We strive to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Eye Lash Extensions Training Courses & Classes Leongatha

Our founder Heather Footitt is an expert lash extension artist and a certified trainer. Having trained thousands of technicians in this exceptional art, we assure you of fantastic hands-on eyelash extensions training in Leongatha using high quality, ethical products with ongoing support and training.
We offer three different lash training classes – Classic extensions, Russian Volume and refresher courses. At the end of the course, if you’re ready to start lashing, you receive a certificate. If not, you’ll be offered more training at no additional cost to make sure you are confident and ready for the job by the end of your eyelash extensions course in Leongatha.

Eyelash Equipment Kit Leongatha

If you are searching for the best eyelash equipment kit in Leongatha, look no further. Buy professional grade eyelash extension kit from Exotique Lashes. Wondering what makes our products different from many other suppliers?
At Exotique, we take great pride in supplying cruelty-free, on-trend and eco-friendly lash supplies. We offer the most natural-looking lash extension products that are light, super-fine and super-soft, we’ve got you covered.
Simply choose the eyelash equipment kit of your choice and we will deliver to your Leongatha salon in no time.

Eyelash Growth Enhancer Leongatha

If you are looking to buy a premium eyelash growth enhancer in Leongatha, buy the Exotique Eyelash Growth Enhancer. It is 100% natural and helps to strengthen and nourish your natural eyelashes. Regular use of this serum slows down the shedding cycle, resulting in thicker, longer, stronger and slightly darker lashes.
Did you know that we shed anywhere between one to five lashes a day? With the eyelash growth enhancer, the shedding cycle will slow down. As the natural lashes are fed regularly, they will hold for longer.

Eyelash Glue for Extensions Leongatha

A quality adhesive ensures your client’s lashes will last long. You don’t want your clients to end up with gappy or unglued lashes. That would ruin the client’s experience and your reputation. Invest in high-quality eyelash glue for extensions from Exotique Lashes Leongatha.
We offer two excellent products to suit your requirements. No matter which extension glue you choose, you are assured of stellar results. The Exotique Advanced Eyelash glue for extensions is ideal for lash technicians with at least 2 years’ experience and the Intermediate glue is ideal for technicians with at least six months’ experience.