Lash Foam 50ml


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Lash Foam this is a must have to wash your clients eyes prior to lash application. This will help to remove body oils & any build up that maybe at the base of the lashes. This will ensure excellent retention when paired with our Exotique Glues.

Bulk pricing for packs of 5 or more.

Also excellent to sell to your clients for after care. Clean Lashes last so much longer.

How to use.....

We suggest 2-3 pumps in to the Lash Foam Bottle lid. Then with your Lash Foam Brush or disposable Lipwand (usually in salon) apply to the lash extensions and work in well to remove any build up or skin debris. Then water rinse well. In salon even do a double water rinse using your Exotique Water rinsing bottle. At Home use a face washer and sponge the foam away never dragging as you don't want to stress your natural lashes.

Clean Lash Extensions will always last longer. So home care is very important. 

In Salon this is an essential first step prior to applying extensions or performing refills. Clean lashes will always result in better retention of your sets.

Happy Lashing!

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