0.05 Mixed Lash Trays 7mm -14mm C or D Curls


Mixed Lash Trays are an economical way to start lashing or for just having all the sizes you need on hand for Russian Volume.  With a combination of rows 7 -14mm. 0.05s are a lovely lash to apply for Russian Volume. A Lighter weight to ensure damage free lashing. These are a beautiful Lash to use and fan easily.

C Curls will give a more opened eye appearance and are a popular choice for volume work, D Curls will give more of a dolly eyed effect. I actually like to use both curls to create certain looks. By blending the curls you can really create some beautiful effects.

0.05s in mixed trays are excellent to create a style for your clients eyes. with having all the sizes there ready to go you can create a look for every eye style. 

Once you know which sizes you use the most you can then buy them in single lengths if that's your desire.

These are awesome for creating the WET LOOK Style of Lashes!

Buy individual Trays or Buy the pack of 2 and save approx. $10

Happy Lashing

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