0.15 LC or LD Curl Premium Mixed Lash trays. Small Sizes and larger Size Trays.



Just arrived! 0.15 Trays! These lash trays are the perfect Lashes for applying to fine natural lashes to ensure safe applications. They are ideal to use on your very straight downward style eye lashes, these Natural lashes that tend to be very straight can be difficult to apply normal C or D Curl Lashes to. LC or LD Curl are so much easier and will be ideal to lift and open the eye achieving that fresh faced look. You will absolutely love how easily they attach and what an amazing result you will be able to achieve!

LC will give a soft pretty result where as the LD will be much more dramatic.

Each Lash Tray has 16 Rows!

The Small Trays are sizes 7mm - 10mm. 
(2 rows of 7s,4 rows of 8s, 5 rows of 9s and 5 rows of 10s.)

The Large Trays are sizes 11mm - 14mm.
(4 rows of 11s, 5 rows of 12s, 3 rows of 13s and 3 rows of 14s.)


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