0.15 Mixed Lash Trays B, C or D Curl Premium PBT Fibres


0.15 Mixed Lash Trays are an ideal way to always have some of every size you need on Hand. each 0.15 Mixed lash Tray 16 rows has Sizes 7mm through to 14mm.

0.15 are ideal for most natural Lashes to Maintain Natural Lash Health. 

These are the go to diameter. Having one of each tray on hand is perfect to create beautifully styled lash sets. In Salon we usually combine at least 2 curls to create a look for our clients. 0.15 mixed Lash trays are made of Korea's highest quality PBT Fibres. As a lash Trainer and stockist this is what we look for for quality. You will find your Clients will love to wear the 0.15 Mixed Lash Trays Diameter as it is soft and weightless to wear.

Select from B, C or D Curls to be able to style & create different looks.

Or Buy the 3 Pack with one of each curl and save approx $10

All 0.15 mixed Lash Trays have 16 Rows to a Tray. 

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