3D, 4D or 5D Heat Bonded Premades 0.07s

$13.95 $23.95

Now on Sale the small 12 row trays! Only $13.95

As they sell out they will be replaced with our ultra black mega tray at $26.95 which is awesome value for beautiful heat bonded fans.

(You will notice in the list some are already replaced.)

3D have 640 Fans Per MEGA Tray

4D have 396 Fans per MEGA Tray

5D have 396 Fans Per MEGA Tray

3D, 4D and 5D Heat Bonded Premade Fans C Curl and D Curl 12 Row Trays. These are amazing quality and you will be able to create incredible damage free Volume sets. 0.07s will create a beautiful look. You can create a look really full and dramatic, depending how strong your clients Natural Lashes are.

3D are equivalent to a single 0.12

4D are equivalent to a single 0.15

5D are equivalent to a single 0.18

So please use with caution. The beautifully fine bases will attach beautifully! You can Blend your Premades too! Use 3D for your inners and finer lashes and then add either 4D or 5D, depending on the strength of the natural Lashes.

Select the Curl, Length & the number of Ds you would like in the drop down boxes.

Please make sure when using larger fans not to over weight your clients lashes.

Happy Lashing Lash loves x

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