Auto/Rapid Fanning Lashes 0.05s and 0.07s C or D Curls


Auto/ Rapid Fans by Exotique Lashes, Sometimes called easy fanning lashes too.

Rapid Fans are a great way to start with handmade lashing. There is the smallest amount of flexible glue at the base of the Auto fanning lashes so when you pick them up off the strip they wont fall apart and will fan easily. 0.05s are a beautiful light lash so you can easily put a good number in a fan. 0.07 also available in both curls. Select from either C or a D Curl tray. 16 rows to a tray starting with 7mm all the way through to 13mm. 

You can also select the one of each option to save $10. (this will include 1 Curl and 1 D Curl Tray of Auto/Rapid Fanning Lash Trays. 

Happy lashing Lash loves xx

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