Blooming or Flowering Glue Cups


Blooming cups come in packs of 100, 50 or 25s.

These are ideal to help to achieve a skinny V Base with volume lashing. This Paired with our Sticky dots so your cup wont move are ideal. Or you can fold a piece of Transpore tape on your tile and it will act like double sided tape and hold the cup well. The sticky Dots and Transpore tape are sold separately. You could also use double sided tape. This is available from most hardware type stores. 

You can also use these to add Lash Accelerator to to help you Pro Make your fans! 

So for the perfect pointy Based Fans you can use our Blooming cups. 

Being disposable they make for easy glue clean ups. Just throw them out once used and finished with.

Happy Fanning! 

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