Coloured Lashes 4 Tray Bundle -12 Rows 0.07 CC Curl 4 styles


New New New New New  

These trays of lashes will let you create beautiful pops of colour to any set of Lashes! Let the Unicorn magic Begin!

Buy in a bundle of 4 Trays! This will give you one of each colour Tray.

Save $16.80 by buying in a bundle!

12 Row trays of wonderful colour combinations. 4 colours in each tray. Select the length of the tray pack either 11mm as a bundle or 12mm tray pack as a bundle. Then lets dream about what you can create! I can't wait to see pictures of what you all create.

Each Tray is 0.07 and CC Curl. 

Select from 11mm Trays or 12mm Trays. 


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