Glue for Eyelash Extensions, Pro Lash Glue 1-2 sec drying 5gm - 5 Pack



Back In Stock! A beautiful New Label Too!

Same great formula!

Pro Lash Glue No2   5 Pack is a great way to buy & Save!

This brings each bottle down to $40ea buying this way.

This glue can be stored in the fridge prior to opening. Once open never put in the fridge again as this will shorten its shelf life. Just keep in a dry cool place. The foil pouch you receive it in is ideal. 

This Glue is for the accomplished Lash Artist/Technician. It will dry in 1-2 seconds in the right conditions. So your room needs to be ideally a minimum of 22-25deg Celsius and humidity between the range of 30-70% but ideally between 45-60%. This will give you the very best performance! Happy Lashing! 

Above mentioned is the ideal but do keep in mind we all used glues prior to knowing all this. I have used this particular glue for many years and always had great retention regardless of conditions. 

All bottles now come with a spare nozzle and Shaking Cap!

See examples of retention love for our glue pictured!

This Glue is for Professional use only!

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