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Green Sensitive Tape

Sale price$5.95

This Green tape is a sensitive tape. Green Sensitive tape is wonderful for tape ups on our clients. I also use this torn in half for sideways taping.

By tearing it in half you are using minimal tape on the client making their appointment more comfortable. Green sensitive tape is my go to on my lash trolley. 

So much more gentle when peeling off. It totally seems like it helps to provide that luxury experience. Clients do remember how things feel and whether they want to endure it or not. I find our white 3m tape so much harsher and just not as nice, especially when peeling it off.

So give our green sensitive tape a go we are sure you will love this green sensitive tape just as much as we do. 

You will love this once you try it!

Green Sensitive Tape
Green Sensitive Tape Sale price$5.95