Hydrogel Luxury White Eye Pads - 5, 10 or 20PK


Hydrogel Luxury White Eye Pads

These Eye Pads are a luxury for your Client. Being Hydrogel means they are mainly made up of of water, providing a really hydrating experience.

These are a really soft pad so almost totally impossible to give your client a graze. Some pads being firmer if placed a little high can cause a graze on the sclerial. 

These are Ultra White in colour allowing you to see the NL easily. 

They are also very sticky with a lovely curve so will fit and hold well during the treatment. 

This is a Luxury Hydrating Eye Pad that you can add to your service to provide that luxury service and feel.

These come in Packs of 5, 10 and 20pairs

5 - Pack $9.50

10 - Pack $18.00

20 - Pack $35.00

Select the pack size you would like from the drop down box :)

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