Eyelash Extension Pillow - Lash Nap Pillow



Our Lash nap pillow is Totally Exclusive to Exotique! It has been designed by our founder Heather Footitt and is so functional.

It is in 2 parts that are joined by Velcro.The pillow is comfortable for the client holding their head in the right position for us to work. The Square area is for us to work from also made of foam but much firmer. Soft enough so the client if they bumped it would come to no harm and also a fabulous working area bringing our work closer to us and the clients eyes. Can Be used if you are right or left handed. Not so far to take those volume fans with minimal glue that can dry before we get it here! Just swap the square block to the side needed and attach with the Velcro. So easy! This will fit Narrow beauty beds too. This has Just Launched at our Melbourne Beauty Expo and they flew out the door! So much excitement. We have a shipment just arriving with plenty of stock and we will express yours to you! Order today and have your lash Nap Pillow tomorrow! Happy lashing!

Whether you are an aspiring lash technician or an experienced lash artist, you may have found certain pain points of the job especially when you are applying adhesive to individual lashes.

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When you want to reduce the time from applying adhesive to placing the lash, your work space needs to be real close to the area you are working on. And that’s where the Lash Nap Pillow really comes in handy.

The Lash Extension Pillow – A Proud Creation

Designed by our founder, the Lash Extension Pillow is our in-house innovation.

The Lash Nap Pillow is highly functional, practical and totally useful. It is comprised of two parts – a pillow and a square – that are joined together by Velcro.

The pillow, made of foam, provides your customers a comfortable space to rest their head in the right position for the lash technician to work. The square area, also made of foam, but much firmer gives the lash stylist a convenient area to work from.

Our founder, Heather Footitt is an expert lash technician herself. A passionate artist, Heather has always been looking for ways and tools that can help enhance her craft and ensure the best results for her clients.

The Lash Extension Pillow is the result of her endless striving to improve the process of applying lash extensions.

The Lash Nap Pillow has been perfected over the years after several tests and trials.

Why Use the Exotique Lash Nap Pillow?

  • The Lash Nap Pillow is soft enough that it wouldn’t cause any harm should your client bump it and sturdy enough to help them maintain the right posture.
  • It works as a fantastic work area that brings your work closer to you as well as the client’s eyes. This speeds up the process, improves efficiency, reduces wastage and enhances the results.
  • It’s a great tool whether you are a lefty or a right. The Velcro system allows you to simply fit it to the side you are most comfortable working at.
  • Ensures that your volume fans don’t dry up before you get to the client’s eyes.
  • A proud Australian product.
  • Perfected after years of tests and trials, this product is guaranteed to improve your results.

Add this Innovative Product to Your Lash Studio

As a lash studio and training institute ourselves, we understand the importance of paying attention to the littlest detail. The Lash Extension Pillow is sure to make a world of a difference to the process of applying lash to your customers.

The results will be out there for you to see. Your lash artists would appreciate how quick things become when the work area comes closer to them and the clients’ eyes. And your customers are going to appreciate the quality of the job.

It’s a win-win if you ask us.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order right away. What’s more, you can now buy this and pay later interest-free with Afterpay.

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