3M Micro pore tape, Buy in Bulk and save


3M Micro pore tape. Sold in individual rolls or in Bulk 4 Packs. You can even buy 2 rolls with a tape dispenser. So much easier than having to use scissors! This is an alternative to use for taping down the lower lashes. I find this uncomfortable for clients & would prefer to use pads. It is the cheaper alternative though. It is handy if your lash Pads don't fit quite right or if there are baby lashes poking through. You can us a little of this tape to stick those naughty ones down and start to lash. 

This is an essential item in your lash draw!

Very handy for taping up lids to get to those tricky lashes, so a must have for this purpose.

Tape is your best friend as a Lash Artist.

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