Pro Mades XL Mixed Length Tray of Fans 0.05 6D C or D Curl


Extra Large Trays of Pre Mades Mixed Trays Now Available 0.05 6D

  • 360 Fans Per tray
  • select from C or D Curls
  • Sizes 7mm through to 13mm
  • safe damage free weight for most Natural Lashes
  • Save time, Make extra Money
  • See more Clients
  • Less stress on your body
  • Not Volume trained? No worries
  • Easy application

6D Volume pro Mades in 0.05 diameter are a beautiful fan to wear and use as a Lash Artist. With them being 6D in 0.05 Pro Mades in a mixed tray you will have all the sizes on hand to create stunning Volume or Hybrid sets in a Damage free way. No chance of overloading anyone's lashes.

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