Promades 7D 0.05 C or D Curls (Loose Approx 500) by Exotique

$37.50 $42.50

Now on Sale $5 OFF. Normally $42.50 Now $37.50

Our Promades are available in 0.05s 7D. These come in a box of approx 500 fans. Each fan is hand made by a Lash Artist so there may be very slight variations to each fan. Buying them in the loose trays you can make great savings as this is a bulk buy. 

The 7D 0.05 are available in C and D Curls and 8mm - 14mm.

The 0.05s 7D are a beautiful light weight fan that will create a beautiful full look.

We recommend preparing your loose lash fans out on a silicone pad ready to apply prior to each client for quick application. Even old premade boxes you can lay your fans onto the past used sticky strip all ready to use.

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