Sticky Dot 3cm for bounce technique


3cm Sticky Dot. This is another helpful little tool to help us to make our Russian Volume fans.

Pick up your bunch of lashes & push the bases down into the dot to watch them bloom out to a fan. This may take a little practice but can be very effective.

Ps this Sticky Dot is very sticky! I suggest sticking it to the inside of an old lash tray for use or onto a lash tile as its really hard to move once you've stuck it to something lol.

There are many different techniques for creating a handmade Volume Fan and the bounce method is one of them. Always worth trying a different technique to work out which one is the easier one for you. When we are making fans during an appointment we need to be fast so if we master a technique that is easier for us the appointment will be much quicker and less stressful. 

Lash tile pictured is not included. These are sold separately.

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