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Super Bonder for eyelash extensions

Sale price$32.95

Is Retention not what you would like it to be?

Super Bonder might just be your answer!

Super Bonder will cure your glue on application. This means no more vapours are being emitted. This is a win win as this highly reduces the chances of clients having or building up a resistance to lash glues. 

How to use?

You can use Super Bonder at the beginning of your set once you complete your foam wash by applying a very small amount with micro brushes. This will speed up application time and give a real grab effect with your glue. Particularly great if you are using premades to help with attachment and retention.

Complete your set. Then add a drop of Super Bonder to micro brushes. Make sure they are not dripping with product. Then just apply to the base of the lashes where the glue attachment area is of your Lash set.

Wait one minute before water rinsing your client's eye area and Lash set. (This is best practice for clients to have healthy eyes)

This Super Bonder will work with any Adhesive. (Super bonder is not an adhesive)

You will get approx 200 applications from each bottle if not more!

Exotique Lashes Super Bonder is Vegan, Alcohol Free and has a 12 month shelf life once opened. 

Super Bonder for eyelash extensions
Super Bonder for eyelash extensions Sale price$32.95