Fibre Tipped Volume Tweezer by Exotique Lashes Vibrant Lucy


Introducing Fibre Tipped Vibrant Lucy :)

Vibrant Lucy is your ideal Tweezer for Volume application 0.03, 0.05s & 0.07s, excellent for the beginner to accomplished lash Artist to ensure making Beautiful fans.

This L Footed tweezer is part of our Sapphire Collection. The L shaped foot feature gives an excellent area to grab the fan the Fibre tip makes a huge difference to ensure the perfect pick up.

On every handle there is a measure to be able to assess the clients Natural Lashes and what would be the appropriate size to apply to your clients lashes. This L shaped Tweezer also has the beautiful lash print on the handle to make the handle non slip.

These Volume Tweezers are my favourite for Volume Lashing. I hope they are yours too!

These are a stunning tweezer with their plasma Blue shiny coating. 

We will hand test every tweezer to ensure its functionality prior to posting

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