Volume Tweezer, Foxy Felicity - By Exotique Lashes


Introducing Foxy Felicity :)

Foxy Felicity Is your ideal Volume Tweezer for Volume application 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07s, excellent for the beginner and accomplished lash Artist to ensure making fans is easier.

Easier means quicker and every minute in an appointment counts.

This tweezer is part of our Sapphire Collection. The Fat footed Volume Tweezer feature gives an excellent area to grab the fan. On every handle there is a measure to be able to assess the clients Natural Lashes and what would be the appropriate size to apply to your clients lashes.

These are a stunning Volume tweezer with their plasma Blue shiny coating. 

We will hand test every tweezer to ensure its functionality prior to posting

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