Eyelash Glue for Extensions Melbourne

Best Eyelash Glue for Extensions in Melbourne

A strong adhesive gives you the confidence that the client will have long-lasting lash extensions. There’s nothing worse than poor retention when it comes to lashes. When you want your results to speak for themselves, you’ll want to invest in the right lash extension glue.

Give your clients the best results with high-quality eyelash glue for extensions from Exotique Lashes Melbourne. We bring to you two excellent eyelash extension glue products that suit different requirements.

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Exotique No2 Pro Lash Glue

Our Pro Lash eyelash glue boasts a 1 to 2 second drying time and is ideal for experienced technicians.

Designed specially for advanced lash extension technicians with at least 2 months experience, this quick-drying lash extension glue will not give you time to reposition your extensions. Once an extension touches the lash, it’s sealed.

This eyelash extension glue is perfect for lash technicians who are able to work quickly but feel slowed down by most adhesives available in the market.

Exotique Intermediate Eyelash Glue

The Intermediate glue, with a 5 to 6 second drying time, is perfect for Russian volume extensions and technicians who would like some time before the bond is sealed.

This eyelash glue for extensions is ideal for intermediate lash specialists.

When you need some time to adjust your work before it gets sealed, this intermediate eyelash glue is an ideal choice.

Why Choose Exotique Lashes?

  • Trusted and Safe Products – All the products we stock go through stringent testing and quality control procedures. Only when we are completely satisfied with a product’s quality do we put it on our shelves for sale.
  • A Wide Array of Products – We stock a wide array of products from the best eyelash extension glue to the eyelash extension cleanser.
  • Wholesale Prices – When you order wholesale, the prices are wholesale too. That’s why we offer bulk rates for huge orders. Contact our customer care team for more information.
  • Always in Stock – We stock a huge quantity of supplies to ensure we can deliver the products you are looking for at a moment’s notice.
  • Pay Later – This product is perfect when you want to remove makeup especially if the client is wearing eyelash extensions. It will gently remove all makeup without affecting the lash extensions.
  • Cruelty-Free – All our products are completely cruelty-free.
  • Fast Delivery – All orders received by 2pm are dispatched the same day. With our express shipping across Australia, you can get your hands on our products in no time. Shipping is free for all orders over $ $200

Buy Eyelash Extension Glue of Professional Standards

When you purchase Exotique eyelash extension glue, you can be sure you are investing in premium quality products. We work with the leading manufacturers from around the world to bring you the very best glues and liquids for lash extensions.

Have any questions about our glue range? Contact us today.